Winter Storm Update Final Snow CALL

A winter storm will blanket the area with 3-5″ of snow late tonight into the early morning. Friday morning commute will be a mess. If you can stay home please do so and allow the snow plow operators time to clear the road without vehicles on the road.


* WHAT...Snow expected. Total snow accumulations of 3 to 5

* WHERE...Central and southwestern New Jersey, southeastern
  Pennsylvania, northeast Maryland and central and northern

* WHEN...From 10 PM this evening to 10 AM EST Friday.

* IMPACTS...Plan on slippery road conditions. The hazardous
  conditions could impact the morning commute.

* ADDITIONAL DETAILS...A narrow band of heavy snow may result in
  a brief period of snow rates up to 2 inches per hour late
  overnight and locally higher snow totals, though where this
  band may set up is uncertain.


Slow down and use caution while traveling.

Along i95 and in the Philly Metro area a general 3-5″ of snow is projected with some areas getting close to 6″ depending on banding setting up. The latest NWS map is attached below as well. Between 3 and 5 inches is currently expected along much of the Interstate 95 corridor from New York City to Philadelphia and Washington..

Again here is a list of locations within the area. We will have a “how to read a map” class in the coming weeks.

Philadelphia3-5” +
Reading, PA1-3”
Birdsboro, PA1-3”
Bristol, PA3-5” +
Quakertown, PA2-4”
Morrisville, PA3-5” +
Perkasie, PA2-4”
Lehighton, PA1-3” 
Lansford, PA1-3”
West Chester, PA2-4”
Phoenixville, PA2-4”
Coatesville, PA2-4”
Downingtown, PA2-4”
Chester, PA2-4”
Yeadon, PA2-4”
Darby, PA2-4”
Atlantic City, NJ2-4”
Pleasantville, NJ2-4”
Burlington, NJ3-5” +
Palmyra, NJ3-5” +
Camden, NJ3-5” +

The Snow will move into the area around 10/11pm to the east then make its way west. By day break snow will be heavy at times. We will post school closings as they come in on our school closing page.

Winter Car Survival Kit.
If you are going to be traveling during the height of the storm, have the following in your vehicle in the event you get stranded.

A kit with essential items can help keep you warm while stranded, so make sure your vehicle is packed with these things before you hit the road:

  • Food: such as snacks such as protein bars, nuts, dried fruit, whole-grain pretzels and crackers.
  • Water
    Warm extra clothes: Scarves, mittens, socks and hats. If you’re not wearing the warmest shoes (say, sandals or Crocs), you might also want to throw in a pair of snow boots.
  • Blankets: When you can’t rely on your car’s heater to keep you warm, you can prevent hypothermia by having blankets to keep your body temperature up. Make sure to have enough for yourself and any other passengers.
  • Hand warmers, small candles and matches: Keep toasty when rationing fuel.
  • A flashlight with spare batteries: With daylight being much shorter during winter, there’s a good chance that you may find yourself stranded in the dark. If your car breaks down and there are no inside or outside lights, a flashlight can be an important tool.
  • Whistle, flares, red bandanna or bright cloth: You can signal for help with these items.
  • Phone charger: Whether you’re snowed in, you crash or your car breaks down — especially in a low-traffic area — a fully charged phone is a must. Opt for a cellphone adapter to plug into the lighter or, even better, a USB portable battery pack (charge it fully before departing.)
  • Shovel and cat litter: When your car gets stuck in the snow, digging it out might be the way to go. With a portable snow shovel, you can dig around each wheel. Sprinkling cat litter — or sand — can add traction to get things moving again.
  • Ice scraper: Snow and ice can impede visibility. Make sure you clear off every inch of your vehicle before hitting the road and after any storm.
  • Jumper cables: Cold weather can be hard on a car. If your battery fails, having your own set of jumper cables could save you an expensive tow.
  • Personal hygiene items: Taking care of hygiene inside a car is challenging, but you can keep moist towelettes, period products, garbage bags and plastic ties — to seal any waste — for sanitation. If you wear contacts, have lenses and solution ready. You may want to throw in a travel-size toothbrush and toothpaste kit.
  • Medication: If you take prescription medication, have at least enough stored for a 72-hour emergency.
  • Supplies for pets, babies and children: If you’re traveling with animals and children, make sure you have enough supplies for their needs. Include pet food, diapers, infant formula, bottles, wipes and diaper rash cream. To keep small children entertained, stash paper, crayons, books and toys.

Fast Moving Winter Storm To Blanket The Area. FIRST Calls Included

As we prepare for the next winter storm that will bring light minor/moderate snow to the area. This is a super fast moving storm and will mostly fall while you are sleeping. While the snow will fall at night it will stick to most surfaces. IF we need to make changes to this forecast I will update a final call map early Thursday.

Starting around 10/11pm from the west moving east. The snow should begin to fall in the Philly Metro area after midnight. Snow will be out by mid morning at this point.

Snowfall Amounts:
Philadelphia Metro and South NJ 2-4″
North and West of the City 1-3″

Reading, PA1-3”
Birdsboro, PA1-3”
Bristol, PA2-4”
Quakertown, PA1-3” 
Morrisville, PA2-4”
Perkasie, PA1-3”
Lehighton, PA1-2”
Lansford, PA1-3”
West Chester, PA2-4”
Phoenixville, PA2-4”
Coatesville, PA2-4”
Downingtown, PA2-4”
Chester, PA2-4”
Yeadon, PA2-4”
Darby, PA2-4”
Atlantic City, NJ3-6”
Pleasantville, NJ2-4”
Burlington, NJ2-4”
Palmyra, NJ2-4”
Camden, NJ2-4”

Winter Storm Threat Thursday Night into Friday Growing

As part of the area is digging out of over a foot of snow, A Winter Weather Advisory will go into effect at 7am until noon for light freezing rain. Our eyes are on the next winter storm which will bring snow to the area Thursday night into Friday.

While the timing looks to be late Thursday night into early afternoon Friday there are still some uncertainties. This will be a fast moving system and it will not have any blocking to slow the storm down. While it does appear some will see snow, the big question is how much?

It could be a 1-3″ or 3-6″ storm with pockets of more. Our first calls will be out by 1pm tomorrow.

Todays 12z NAM

Here is the NWS expected snowfall map through 7am Friday. NOTE this is NOT a forecast and that the storm will still have hours before ends.

Winter Weather Advisory in effect Wednesday


* WHAT...Freezing rain expected. Total ice accumulations of a
  light glaze.

* WHERE...Portions of central, northern and northwest New Jersey
  and east central, northeast and southeast Pennsylvania.

* WHEN...From 7 AM to noon EST Wednesday.

* IMPACTS...Very slippery sidewalks, roads and bridges are
  possible. The hazardous conditions will impact the morning


Slow down and use caution while traveling. Prepare for possible
power outages.

The latest road conditions for the state you are calling from can
be obtained by calling 5 1 1.

Winter Storm Warning and Advisories Posted

A winter storm that was just going to bring some snow showers to the area has been moving trending north on the latest model runs. At this time the NWS has issued a Winter Storm Warning for South NJ and Delaware. A Winter Weather Advisory for Philly south and east.

While the ground is very warm the snow will start very heavy towards the beginning of the storm and it will help cool the surface down. Monday morning commute will be a mess, it might be good to stay home if you are in areas under the Winter Storm Warning.

The latest 12z GFS model and 12z Euro.

The latest GFS 12z run. As you can see the storm is a bit north then the 6z.

The snow will move in into South NJ around 2/3am and we can see snow in the Philly Metro area around 4/5am. Once the snow starts it will become heavy at times. We will see the snow move out in the afternoon West to East.

The further north you are the less snow you will see.

You will see SHARP cutoffs to the north. In Bucks County anything NORTH of i295 in Yardley will see less snow than Fairless Hills/Bristol/Bensalem will see. These numbers could change depending on where bands set up. We will have an update call if needed later this evening.

Here is the NWS map

The snow totals above could be locally higher depending on where the heavy banding sets up.

School Closing Projections:
We will post any school closing information here :

Warm Saturday To Bring Storms and Wind Advisory

While we will be close to hitting 70s on Saturday, the area will see wind gust up to 45mph through the late evening. This has prompted the NWS to issue a Wind Advisory from 1pm Saturday until 1am Sunday. A line of showers will move across the area durning the evening that will bring the potential for damaging winds and a tornado can’t be ruled out.


* WHAT...South winds 15 to 25 mph with gusts up to 45 mph
  expected. Winds will abruptly shift northwest behind a cold
  front Saturday evening.

* WHERE...Portions of central, northern and southern New Jersey
  and east central and southeast Pennsylvania.

* WHEN...From 1 PM Saturday to 1 AM EST Sunday.

* IMPACTS...Gusty winds could blow around unsecured objects.
  Tree limbs could be blown down and a few power outages may

* ADDITIONAL DETAILS...Secure any outdoor holiday decorations from
  blowing away in the wind.


Use extra caution when driving, especially if operating a high
profile vehicle. Secure outdoor objects.

Wednesday Snow, Record Temps and White Christmas???

As everyone has been waiting for the final calls on our mid week sNOw storm. Our final call is a Dusting to half inch for everyone. The storm is trending further south which result in not much snow. Just be alert for wet and slippery conditions.

A big warming trend sets up for the next couple of weeks which will result in our area seeing above normal temps. This coming weekend an airmass will overspread the area on Saturday. We will see record high temps some locations may see temps into the 70s!!!!

Now we are 18 days until Christmas at this point I do not see any major signs for a White Christmas so at this point I think it is safe to say it will NOT be a White Christmas.

Mid Week Winter Storm To Bring Light Snow To The Area


At this time our final call is a C-1″ for most of the area. Most of the snow will melt on contact but grassy surfaces could see a coating. NO accumulations with this one.

The first winter storm of the year is less than 48 hours away. While this will not bring significant snowfall to the area, the first snowfall always poses challenges with roads and driving. Most of the area will see a COATING to 2″ (most areas will be closer to a coating to 0.5″

Again most of the area will see a coating to 2″ of snow. Most of the snow will move into the area late morning on Wednesday into the early afternoon before moving out of the area by the evening rush. While most accumulations will be on grassy surfaces a slush mess on the roads is possible. While there is a lot of time between now and the storm if we need to adjust any information tomorrow we will.

Remember, if winter weather is forecast, eliminate all unnecessary travel. This will keep you and your family safe and allow PennDOT to more easily perform its winter duties. However, if you must travel, PennDOT offers the following tips for safe driving this winter season

High Winds This Afternoon

As you can feel we have a GREAT Weather day but it won’t last long. While temps are in the 60s across most of the area. We will see a cold front move across the area late afternoon. When this front moves across the area wind gust 40-50 mph are possible. By late tonight temps will be in the upper 30s/low 40s.

As of this time the Wednesday systems looks to bring light snow to most of the area C-2” is very possible but a more official forecast will come later.

Until then enjoy this great weather.

Mid Week Storm Update

The low pressure system that will pass by on Wednesday could bring a few inches of snow to parts of the area highest chance right now is to our south. While at this time things are still very uncertain on how much precip will fall. Take everything with a grain of salt.

The latest model trends have began to keep the low to our southeast which would favor any precipitation to be mostly snow, tho along the coast it could be a rain/snow mix. BUT if this continues to trend to the southeast then most of the precip will be over the ocean and not much over land. The third option is that it moves further northwest resulting in a rain/snow mix for most of us. As you will see below we have two snapshots of two models around the same time, two completely different forecast.

At this point it appears most of this will fall during the day on Wednesday. The big concern would be the wet driving conditions on Wednesday morning. While it is unclear how much snow will fall but if I had to guess right now a general 1-2″ is possible. We will be following the trends overnight and have more on this post updated as models run.

18z Models

The 18z Nam at 69hrs shows snow over most of the area.
The 18z GFS at 72 hrs shows light snow/mix over parts of the area. But we can see the main system to the south.