Flash Flood Watch Issued

Flash Flood Watch

* From 2 PM EDT this afternoon through this evening

* Thunderstorms are expected to develop this afternoon in
  southeastern Pennsylvania into northern and central New Jersey.
  The strongest storms will be capable of producing locally heavy
  rainfall amounts of 1.5 to 2.5 inches in as little as an hour.
  Additionally, storm motions today will be slow, and storms may
  train over the same areas. As a result, instances of flash
  flooding are possible in the watch area.

* In the areas of heaviest rainfall, flash flooding of small
  creeks and streams, poor-drainage areas, and urban areas may
  occur between mid afternoon and late this evening.


A Flash Flood Watch means that there is the potential for flash
flooding which can be life-threatening. Heavy rain is expected to
occur over a short period of time. Rapidly rising flood waters
may quickly inundate roadways and areas of poor drainage. Streams
and creeks could leave their banks, flooding nearby properties.

Please monitor the forecast, especially if you live in a location
that is prone to flooding. Be prepared to take action if a flash
flood warning is issued for your area.

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