Old man winter just will not give up.

Good evening! The past few days some models have been hinting at a storm between the timeframe of Monday- Wed, of net week. While its still a ways out, we wanted to share with you all that while we are into Spring, Winter is still here. This has been a very odd winter but we will be tracking this next potential storm. Remember that while this is WAY too early to determine any amounts, we just wanted to share with everyone that while we are entering the first week of April, Winter could still make an appearance. NOTE AT THIS TIME GPSW does not feel this will verify, but as the talks of this potential are heating up online, we wanted to share the potential threat. I feel it will be in the mid-upper 40s with rain at this time.


Also here is one model forecast of projected temps on April 6th.

While this is not an official GPSW call, we want to warn you about what we see. We are going to be tracking this potential closely and will bring you the latest details over the next few days. 

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