Say it ain’t SnOw

Before everyone starts freaking out over this afternoons European weather model. We wanted to give you all a heads up.

Yes the euro is showing an SECS only 120 hours out. We are keeping a close eye on this as the days go by. Note while in the past the euro has been a great model, but this past winter the mighty king euro has not been living up to its king status. Please do not believe the “clown maps” that are starting to surface in regards to this potential. While we are few days out form a POTENTIAL SNOW STORM. We will be following this track very closely.

Above is a photo of the euro run. This is not a forecast from us. But rather than us showing what we are seeing. The threat is there.

While we are going to have temperatures in the 50s tomorrow and 60s on Thursday. It is possible for some snow this weekend. Stay tuned to more Information in the next few days. We will have more information on this storm tomorrow evening.

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